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10 Jul

Model Availability Update

Due to increased demands, the only model we currently have available is the Hawk. All other models will be made available beginning in late August/September.

9 Jul

Hawk Update

The new model of the Origami Hawk will begin shipping on Monday, July 13th! We look forward to seeing your bikes in action, tag us on Instagram @origamibikes!

For the past seven years, the team at Origami Bicycle Company has been designing innovative folding bicycles that provide space-saving transportation solutions for riders in all walks of life. Whether you’re living in a dorm room or traveling across the country in an RV, you’ll always have room for your Origami Folding Bike.

These bikes take up less space than a baby stroller when folded, and they can even be pushed when folded as well. They also offer a low stepover height and upright riding position that is safe and comfortable for riders of all ages.

Choose from a steel frame option for commuting on rough roads, or lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber frames that can easily be carried upstairs or onto a bus. We currently offer seven different folding bike models that are designed to suit the unique needs of all our customers.

In addition to our line of folding bikes, we also carry a diverse selection of cycling accessories such as carrier bags, multi-tools and inner tubes. Place your order online or give us a call today to speak with the team at Origami Bicycle Company in Richmond, Virginia.

Do you love riding? Make your morning rides smooth and exciting with the right lightweight folding bicycle. We have got some sweet rides just like you need! Check out our widest selection of the best models that are strong, fast and extremely light to ride.

Riding on rough terrains especially if you have to carry the bike can be tough! Get the best lightweight foldable bike that is easy to ride and hoist on your shoulders too! Make biking fun and swift with the right bike suitable for your build. Check out our top picks designed just for the bike enthusiast in you! Choose your favorite now!

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