Welcome to the Fold!

Origami folding bikes are engineered to provide the function of conventional bicycles, with the added advantage of the ability to fold for easy transportation and storage. 
Twenty-inch wheels minimize the dimensions of the bike when it is folded. These smaller wheels provide incredible maneuverability and stability while allowing you to conquer any terrain. 
We've designed Origami folding bicycles from the wheels up with superior components for smooth shifting, firm braking, and a comfortable upright riding position. Use your Origami bike's folding ability to take it anywhere with ease. Origami folding bicycles take riding convenience to the next level. You will never need to wrestle with a bike rack again! That is just the start-wait until you ride it!

Two-week test drive!
Better than what your local bike shop offers!

We know that some people are reluctant to purchase a folding bike, city bike, or foldable bike online because you want to give it a try first.  When you go to your local bike shop, you may get a to sit on the bike and (if you are lucky) get a ten-minute test ride.  We want to make you a better offer.  When you purchase one of our bikes we will deliver it to your door and give you two weeks to fall in love with it.  If you decide that it is not for you, just let us know within two weeks of delivery and we will send you a return postage-paid FedEx label.  All we ask is that you return it in as-new condition in the original packaging and you pay only the original outgoing FedEx costs.

Why Origami?

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