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Who We Are

Origami Bicycle Company is a small folding bike company located in Richmond, Virginia. Founded by Paul Pinigis in 2011, Origami Bicycles strives to provide useful, convenient and affordable biking options for every individual.

Our staff members are passionate about cycling and are able to work with our customers one-on-one to provide the best service possible. From a customer’s initial contact with our company, to the placement of an order and support after purchase, no customer gets lost in the crowd. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and a bicycle that you will undoubtedly love to ride.

Who We Are

Origami folding bicycles are engineered to provide the function of conventional bicycles, with the added advantage of the ability to fold for easy transportation and storage. Twenty-inch (and sometimes 16″) wheels minimize the dimensions of the bike when folded, and provide incredible maneuverability and stability while allowing you to conquer any terrain. We’ve designed Origami folding bicycles from the wheels up with superior components for smooth shifting, firm braking and a comfortable upright riding position. Use your Origami bicycle’s folding ability to take it anywhere with ease. Origami folding bicycles take riding convenience to the next level. You will never need to wrestle with a bike rack again!

Our Vision

We are an independent, creative, folding bike company that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design. Applying many years of experience, our team patiently researches your needs, considers the practical application of our product to everyday life, pursues a creative solution and makes it real.

Every situation is unique. Every setting deserves to be considered for its independence. We believe folding bikes can cater to all situations, so we offer many options. We take the time to consider your needs and craft an innovative design that provides convenient transportation for a lifestyle on the move.

Ride, Fold, Repeat & Stay on the Move.



Owner Paul Pinigis founded Origami Bicycles with the intention of making life easier for busy commuters like himself. Paul has more than 20 years of engineering expertise and designs each of the company's bicycles himself, incorporating his love of riding, and convenience, into each model.
Joe attended the United Bicycle Institute in Portland, Oregon, and he brings that knowledge and experience to Origami. He focuses on Origami's sales and logistics. He assembles almost every bicycle we sell and strives to make each bike a pleasure to ride for our customers. Joe is an avid cyclist and works to provide our customers with the best purchase experience possible.
Emily has the job that most millennials seem to aspire to...social media marketing. She is responsible for our guerrilla marketing and strives to get the Origami name out whenever possible.
Every day needs some laughter. As the Vice President of Comic Relief, Niko supplies just that. Don't let his cuteness fool you though, he sure knows how to make a crowd cheer!
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