Crane 8 Traveler Package

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For those who want it all, we give you the Origami Crane 8 Traveler. This package includes the beautiful and versatile Crane 8 with our travel trailer. Your bike will be shipped already packed it our 30″ case so you are ready for adventure. Please see the full descriptions of the Crane 8 and the 30″ Traveler case for full details of these products.

We recommend practicing assembly and packing prior to your trip to ensure that you are best prepared and familiar with the process.

1 review for Crane 8 Traveler Package

  1. Patrick Anthony McMullin (verified owner)

    I love it!I especially love the Crane8 Origami Folding Bicycle!I took it through The Silver Springs State Park on the first Blue Trail.There is a trail marker!I advise not going through the thick sand trail unless you’re avid amateur,are a professional!Sand can be grand,but if it throws you might need a throw pillow,but be bright in your thinking,and be drinking plenty of water,are liquid beneficial to riding your bicycle!Origami Bicycles are the place to go to race,but save face be safe!Use your bicycle tail lights,and your front lights!Here in Silver Springs,and Ocala we are riding to siding with safety,and fun under the sun,and in the night cast a bright light in the night so you can be seen by the motorists, pedestrians, fellow bicyclists,and others!

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